Week 1 Recap

How was your week? How do you feel after three days of May Summer Shape Up? I feel sore (warm showers have never felt so good!) and giddily happy that something so hard has already been both fun and doable. I’m thankful for all of you, for your texts and pictures and encouraging posts, I’m thankful for Abby and her workout that’s just perfect, I’m thankful for Maria, who worked out with me for the past two days and made me laugh the whole time.

Last night, when Maria and I were lacing up our shoes before doing Speed Play, she mentioned that reaching a good body weight can be so satisfying that’s it’s easy to find worth in it instead of in Jesus.

I can’t stop thinking about that. The truth is, with May Summer Shape Up, we’re doing everything right. We have a challenging workout that’s also flexible enough to fit into our schedules, we have accountability and encouragement, we have attainable goals. At the end of this month, there’s a really good chance that all of us will look and feel significantly better.

But even if we walk away from this looking like Kate Austen, we won’t find true satisfaction in that. It will just be another gaping, hungry hole to eat up all our hopes and dreams and worship, leaving us empty and off-kilter. We worship Jesus and only him. And it’s in him that all our desires are met.

So just like I look for my reflection in the french doors to see whether my form is correct while doing high plank tummy tucks, I really want to keep a check on my heart this month, to make sure I’m not letting myself find satisfaction and worth in my physical accomplishments. I want the May Summer Shape Up to be a way to worship God, to take care of the body he’s given me, and I for sure don’t want to flip this into something that dishonors him.

What about you? Do you ever struggle with placing your worth in how your body looks? Do you find it hard to be healthy while still finding your satisfaction in Christ alone? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

(Photo by Esther Lang)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, May 3rd, 2013

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