What do you call your underwear?

There seem to be a lot of different names for what we wear under our jeans. Panties. Underwear. Skivvies. Growing up, I always said panties. In fact, as a child I distinctly remember thinking that panties were for girls and underwear were for boys.

A couple years ago when I was working in child care, I was helping potty train a little girl, and her parents were adamant that we use the word underwear. Her father would literally shiver if you ever used the word “panty” in front of him. 

I always thought his response was kind of hilarious (and oh-so-tempting to keep using the word in front of him), but let’s be honest…”panty” is a weird word. It stirs up a confusing concoction of both childhood and risqué connotations. However, once you have your word, it’s hard to switch! It’s become so totally ingrained that even when I say “underwear”, I’m still saying “panties” in my head. :)

If I were to make the switch, I think I’d go with “undies”. It just seems sort of casual and gender neutral. 

What about you? What do you call your underwear? Do you feel strongly either way? Have you ever “made the switch”?

(Image via Haley VanLiew)

Posted by Aanna on Thursday, June 13th, 2013

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