What sheets should I buy for my bedroom?

I’ve always loved bed linens. When I was young, I’d spend my birthday money on sheets from Garnet Hill. In fact, when Logan and I first started dating and he was trying to describe me to his mom, he said, “She really likes bedding.” (I was mortified. I was like, is that the most interesting thing about me???) Anyway, a proper set of sheets has long been a top priority for me. Last week Logan ripped a huge hole in our sheet when he turned over in his sleep, so I’m on the hunt for a new set. For years I’ve gone with all white, but I’m feeling adventurous and thought I’d ask for your help in deciding what to buy ::

All White

Like I said, I’m a huge fan of all white bedding, both because they’re easy to clean and always classic. Crisp cotton feels so good on the skin and maintains that delicate balance of being warm enough for me and breathable enough for the forever-sweltering Logan.


The bed at our hotel in Chicago had stripes and I loved it! They looked cool and masculine, but casual enough to be inviting. I’m seriously considering this option. (The other colors in our bedroom are dark olive green and pale pink, so charcoal or navy stripes would be perfect!)


This isn’t a sheet set, but I am in love with this abstract art duvet from Urban Outfitters. I’d love to find something similar for our sheets and pillow shams. I love finding things to put in the house that seem interesting and unexpected, even something that seems “too cool” for me. It’s a really small way of adding a little excitement to your life.


Linen has to be the most luxurious fabric on the planet! I love the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it smells! This would be more of an investment, but if we were careful, a linen set could last for decades.

Color *gasp*

Yes, I’m actually considering color. A surprising pop of color would be cheery and fun, two things that are ideal in the bedroom. ;)

So…which should I pick? What’s your favorite look? I need help!

Posted by Aanna on Friday, August 28th, 2015

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