Why I Love Thirty-One

My sister-in-law recently started selling Thirty-One Gifts, and when our family was all together in Colorado, she spent some time telling me a little more about the company and the products. I’d actually been invited to Thirty-One parties before, but had never gone to one, and I was amazed to find out how useful and thoughtful the products are! I immediately spent some of my precious budget on a couple bags and I have been so pleased with them.

I bought this handy little guy in Swiss Dot (so cute!) and have used it to carry food to our Halloween party, return all our library books, fill it with miscellaneous stuff on errand runs, you name it… The construction is super sturdy, so I feel like I can put it under quite a bit of duress without worrying about it breaking.

I also bought the Retro Metro Fold-Over because I wanted something as an over-night bag for Valentine. There are so many times when she naps at a babysitter’s house or spends the night with my mom, and I needed something to corral her stuffed animal entourage and 27 pacifiers. :) The bag came in this gorgeous chunky gray polka-dot, which totally suites Valentine.

But I think the thing that I love most about Thirty-One is its organizing potential. Whoever designs their bags must just be the kind of person who alphabetizes their spices, because they have pockets in all the right places, the handles are just the right length, and they’re so versatile that you find yourself being able to use them to solve organizing problems you’ve had for years! For example, a couple months ago I bemoaned the fact that there aren’t any real organizing solutions for cars. Turns out, Thirty-One has an entire line of car organizing tools! I did a quick scan on Pinterest and found these other ingenious uses for their products ::

wire organizer // car safety pack // Aldi grocery bags // pampering care package

hair tool organizer // first-aid kit // sick-day carry-all // a kid’s movie and craft kit for cars

My one gripe is that I sometimes struggle with finding the product that I want in a print that I like. Even though their prints are fun and trendy, sometimes they’re just not exactly my style. But truthfully, it hasn’t really bothered me yet because…I mean…they have a product for holding a kid’s iPad in the car!!! 

I’m going to be hosting a Thirty-One Party at my house on November 18 from 7:30-9:00. Actually, it might be pushing it to call it a Thirty-One party. Really, I’m just going to have some catalogues on the dining room table surrounded by lots of fruit, cheese, chocolate and all the hot tea you can drink. My sister-in-law said that she’d be available to FaceTime that night, in case any of us have questions. I’m also going to have a couple really great Christmas gift ideas on hand, for any of you needing to check some things off your list (we’re celebrating Christmas with my side of the family in three weeks! Eek!). 

I have limited space, so let me know right away if you’re in the area and would like to drop by to learn more about Thirty-One, look through a catalogue, and munch on some tasty food. Heck, even if you can’t buy anything, it’s going to be a fun evening sitting around the table laughing with other women. I’m already looking forward to it. :)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

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