Young Living Essential Oils

If you’re interested in purchasing Young Living Essential Oils, there’s a couple things you should know ::

  • You can buy Young Living essential oils and products individually at a retail price whenever you want. Just go to this link and click the box for “Retail Customer”.
  • Young Living also has a program that enrolls you as a wholesale member. If you do this, you get a huge discount (24%) and have the option to get commissions and bonuses by sharing Young Living with others.
  • The best deal as a wholesale member is the Premium Starter Kit which is $150 (a $225 retail value) that includes 10 basic oils, a home diffuser, a free bottle of Citrus Fresh essential oil, samples to share with friends, and literature with helpful information on getting started with essential oils.

Here are the instructions for purchasing ::

  • Go to the sign-up page. (Make sure my sponsor ID 2487026 is entered correctly.)
  • Fill in your information.
  • Select the Premium Starter Kit. This is what I recommend because of the huge mark-down. You don’t have to sell anything if you don’t want to and it’s definitely the most economical way to get started with oils.
  • Scroll down to Essential Rewards. This is Young Living’s optional loyalty rewards program where you get a point back for money spent and then you get to turn around and use those points for free products. It does have a monthly spending requirement. You can sign up now or later or never…totally up to you. You can also cancel any time.
  • Click on Enrollment Check Out (or if you wanted to add on more products you can do that).
  • Fill out your personal information and then check out.

Yay! Now you can start eagerly waiting for your box of oils to arrive! Once you sign up, you’ll be added to a private online support group all about using Young Living essential oils and products (and they have sweet monthly giveaways). This has already been enormously helpful to me and I’m so glad to be able to make it available. Let me know if you have any questions (aannagreerATgmailDOTcom) or call Young Living’s excellent customer service at 1-800-371-3515.

Posted by Aanna on Friday, February 20th, 2015

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